AP2000 Radio project.
Got hold of a bunch of AP2000 radios with digital fronts and found that the software was hopeless so I decided to do my own and at the same time find another CPU. Link to danish page.

Samsung Satellite Converter.
Software for generating Samsung "TransponderDataBase.dat" and "SatDataBase.dat" for the ES800x. Samsung never updates these files and now that 28.2E has been changed completely it is impossible to tune in the channels. So I made a small program that converts Dreambox satellites.xml to Samsung files.


Just backup your channel list on the TV to USB memory. The file is a zip file so just copy the to generated files into the zip file, Just say yes to overwrite existing files and load the backup to the TV, turn off the TV and on again and you got the new TransponderDataBase. You now have to search all the channels again. Allways remember to make a backup of the original Samsung file.

Instead of Spotify, Vimp and so on I made my own app for streaming internet radio stations. It is possible to listen to any type of music you want and I have made an app to make it easy to get my choice. In first place it was made for my car so it is possible to control it via the controls in the steering wheel and then I found use for it in the living room to. It works perfect over Bluetooth, controls and all.
Radio stations in the app are updateable and will contain the same as on my netradio page or you can just hack it with own choice.


Download app: Comming soon !

Call Blocker
A major problem with call blockers are that you can't use wild card *. This is a major miss by android, Google has made a build in call blocker but you can't use wild card. So you have to do it your self I made a call blocker where you can use wild card. I found it necessary because we kept on getting calls in the middle of the night from Indonesia wanting us to call back and every time they called it was from a new number. By using wild cards it is possible to block a hole continent, "peace", so now I only get calls from Europe and us, no more scams.


Download app: Comming soon !

Profile Manager
I used cyanogen on my phone and they had a great profile manager but it suddenly disappeared so I had to make my own and I use it every day.


Download app: Comming soon !

I have a few more on it's way...


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