Napco XP-600 Alarm
I bought a house with and old alarm out of order so I had to get it running asap so here is a few tips on how you get your old XP-600 Alarm working again.

1. If the battery is more then 5 years, change it. >Buy here<
2. Watch this video Basic Programming video
3. Alarm has to be deactivated before any programming can take place.
4. Check that the dealer code is *8 4567 (default)
5. If dealer is not changed you now can change settings.

Program mode/dealer code:
*8 4567

Out of program mode:
#*8 4567

In program mode:

Change user code:
#95 xxxx

Change Exit delay:
#10 030 sec.

Change Entry Delay:
#11 030 sec.

If you mess up press #

Of course there is lots of other things you can setup but if your alarm has been setup once you don't really need more.

If dealer code is NOT *8 4567 you have to hard reset the alarm controller, this means that you have to reprogram everything again.
I made a small Howto.

XP-600 Program Manual.
XP-600 User Manual.

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